Øystein Wika


Øystein Wika is the founder and driving creative force behind Wika Media, an innovative media and entertainment company that seamlessly blends music with cutting-edge technology. Embodying a unique fusion of digital media development, interactive music education, and a distinctive production music library, Wika Media directly reflects Øystein's dual passions for music artistry and technological innovation.

At the heart of Wika Media lies Øystein's vision and dedication. He has been pivotal in the creation of Soundlib.io. This boutique production music library showcases his extensive musical repertoire and stands as a testament to originality and quality in the sync licensing domain. Additionally, Øystein has spearheaded the development of Guitar Universe, an interactive educational platform transforming how people learn to play the guitar.

Øystein's musical journey began in Aurskog-Høland, Norway, and gained momentum in Mosjøen, where he explored and mastered various musical instruments, ultimately focusing on the electric guitar. His early years were marked by active participation in rock bands, covering legendary groups like Black Sabbath, AC/DC, and Van Halen and performing extensively in the local music scene.

In 1987, Øystein relocated to Trondheim to advance his music career. Parallel to his advances in the music industry, the emergent World Wide Web was happening, and in 1995, he seamlessly transitioned into the tech and digital media sector. This period was crucial for Øystein, as he honed his software development and web application development skills, later integrating these with his musical talents.

The global pandemic in 2020 marked a pivotal moment for Øystein, reigniting his passion for music. He set up a home recording studio, delving into music production and expanding his skills to include multiple instruments and drum programming.

Holding a degree in Ethnomusicology from the University of Oslo, Øystein brings a rich cultural perspective to music production. This unique combination of musical and technical knowledge positions him as a forward-thinking figure in the industry, dedicated to enhancing the quality of music pre-production and engaging with audiences through innovative platforms.

Øystein Wika's commitment to innovation, artistic quality, and integrity is the foundation of Wika Media, as he continues to inspire, collaborate, and make significant strides in the music and tech worlds as a solo entrepreneur.