About The Company

Wika Media is an avant-garde media and entertainment company that seamlessly integrates digital media development, music education, and a production music library. Founded and spearheaded by Øystein Wika, a Norwegian guitarist and tech enthusiast, Wika Media is the nexus where innovation in music and technology converge.

At its core, Wika Media specializes in crafting digital solutions tailored for musicians and artists, handling music publishing and production aspects. Our flagship project, Soundlib.io, is a boutique production music library driven by the artistic vision of Øystein Wika. This platform showcases his extensive repertoire and serves as a beacon for quality and originality in the sync licensing landscape.

Another cornerstone of Wika Media is Guitar Universe, which revolutionizes music education through interactive learning experiences, making the experience of learning to play an instrument accessible and engaging.

Our mission extends beyond providing services; we aim to inspire and empower artists and creators. With a foundation deeply rooted in Øystein's rich musical legacy and prowess in the tech world, Wika Media is uniquely positioned to offer a spectrum of innovative services and solutions in the ever-evolving digital media landscape.

From interactive services to bespoke music production, Wika Media is dedicated to elevating the creative process and delivering excellence. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and artistic integrity makes us a beacon in the media and entertainment industry.