Case Study: "Alle teller!" (Everybody Counts!)

Client: The Municipality of Oslo and the Norwegian Centre for Mathematics Education
Year: 2008/2009

Project Overview

We've partnered with The Municipality of Oslo and the Norwegian Centre for Mathematics Education to bring a digital touch to mathematical assessments. Our task was to develop a web-based platform to administer online placement tests in mathematics for all Oslo schools. The chosen system for implementation was 'Alle teller!', a highly recognized and accepted tool developed by Professor Alistair McIntosh and edited for Norwegian conditions and curricula by the Norwegian Centre for Mathematics Education.

The Challenge

Transforming and adapting 'Alle teller!', a paper-based assessment tool, into a robust, interactive digital version, without compromising the integrity of the original content was a unique challenge. Additionally, we needed to ensure smooth management for teachers and a seamless test-taking experience for students, despite any potential system shutdowns or network disruptions.

Our Solution: An Interactive Web Application

In response, WIKA Media crafted an engaging web application. We're leveraging Flash technology to closely replicate the paper-based assessment items, ensuring that the spirit of the original 'Alle teller!' stays intact. The digital version boasts intuitive interactive elements like sliders, drawing tools, and drag-and-drop functionalities.

Notable Features

The interactive features, built on Flash technology, form a crucial platform aspect. This design enhances the students' testing experience by adding an engaging dimension to the assessments. Our application is also resilient and capable of restoring test answers in case of network disruptions or system failures, ensuring a seamless testing experience. Moreover, we empower teachers with a comprehensive view of test results, providing an overview and detailed insights into each student's answers and performance.

Project Outcome & Takaways

Upon completion, the digital 'Alle teller!' is set to revolutionize assessments in Norwegian schools. It marks a significant stride in our journey to infuse creativity into education and technology while providing schools with innovative and sustainable solutions that stand the test of time. With its anticipated success, we're excited about the potential for expanding this concept to other educational sectors in the future.

The successful transition of "Alle teller!" from paper to digital format reinforces the importance of maintaining the essence of a system while enhancing it with technology. It also emphasizes the need for user-friendly and robust digital solutions in the educational sector.